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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

girlfriend torture

We've known of this for a while, but last night, Boyfriend says "you're welcome" in response to nothing.
I scratch my head and wonder what that was all about, and am about to ask when I hear this music coming out of his computer speakers. I've had the song stuck in my head ever since.....

Shrimp on a Treadmill

so funny...so annoying....


shadocat said...

I feel sorry for the little guy--the shrimp, I mean.

kat said...

yeah, I watch this and at some point, no matter how hard I try, I think "mmm....shrimp....his tail looks like dinner...."

Maggie Jochild said...

Kat, that's EXACTLY the reaction my cat Dinah had. But I wouldn't let her post it here.

I always hated the Benny Hill show and yet the music is perfect for this particular video. My question is, who on earth figured out you could run shrimp on treadmills? I mean, is this some lab secret or oceanography arcana?

Maggie Jochild said...

PS, Kat, I'm entertained by how you refer to Boyfriend by that, instead of a name. Reminds me of Bitch PhD (she uses BF, doesn't she?) or Big on Sex in the City. Or Anna Livia, a fabulous lesbian novelist who calls all the males in several of her books John -- all boyfriends, husbands, sons, brothers -- so you don't see them as individuals. Just the women have names, vivid ones usually. It's humorous, the way she does it. And makes a point.

kat said...

Glad to know your cat and I of one mind, Maggie....I'm also easily distracted, like to sleep for long periods of time, and occasionally like my back scratched. Oh no, I really am feline after all!

I can has shrimp?

I think that the shrimp running on the treadmill is all over youtube with various themesongs playing in the window. Don't know where it came from. I'll research and see what I can find. Poor shrimp. I hate treadmills.

I like the slightly humorous twist on those who say "the wife" or "the kids" in that dehumanizing way. I suppose I could just ask Boyfiend if he minds me using his name, but that wouldn't be as amusing as just labeling him by his position. Like all the poor women in Victorian England who got called Nan because they were nannies.

I like Bitch PhD's little pseudonymns. I wonder if she ever accidentally calls her son "PK."

Don't worry, his lack of blog-name is not a reflection on my feelings towards him!

little gator said...

My partner is happy to be referred to as Mr. Gator.

If its the Benny Hill tune, it's called Yackety Sax. nearly all Benny Hill music is Yackety Sax or Mana Mana(your spelling may vary).

MM has been associated with the Muppets forver. I don't knwo where YS came from.

little gator said...

Speaking of cat reactions, Lydia was *very* upset just now when she heard a baby crying on TV.

kat said...

Did you know that before it was used on the muppets, the Mana Mana song was in some kind of weird Swedish soft core porn?

kat said...

oops, Italian soft core porn about sweden....

sorry, my bad

Jana C.H. said...

Y'know, once the music has stopped that video quickly stops being funny, but as long as the Benny Hill music plays it's hilarious. I expect that without any music it all it would be funny for about five or ten seconds.

That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. A lot of things are funny for about five or ten seconds. You just have to be sure not to run them into the ground.

I watched the "Lord of the Rings (movie) with Benny Hill Music" that followed the Running Shrimp, and it was tedious long before it was over. I think if the music had kept up all the way to the end, I would have been laughing at the shrimp the whole way through.

I used to watch Benny Hill on Canadian TV in my youth, though I liked the Two Ronnies better. Canadian TV was cool in those days. I wonder what it's like now.

Jana C.H.
Saith JcH: Some people drink, some people gamble, some like whips and chains-- I buy books.

Jana C.H. said...

I just took a detailed look at our visitors map. Am I the only one to notice that we got a visitor from Baffin Island? Baffin-freakin'-Island! Welcome, our Arctic friend.

And there's another visitor from the shores of Hudson Bay, and one from Siberia (Si-frickin'-beria!), and from an island east of Australia, and another island in the Indian Ocean. Too bad the map doesn't show Antarctica.

The Maoist Orange Cake has LEGS!

Jana C.H.
Saith Floss Forbes: If you don't know the tune, sing tenor.

kat said...

Baffin Island, Hudson Bay and Siberia? Wow cool.
I hope MOC's legs don't run too fast. I don't like running and don't want to have to chase it.....