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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Worry; Be Happy!

Maybe baby Molly is smiling because she's an Obama supporter, and it looks like he may be the nominee.
Maybe Molly's smiling because the Democrats have two good candidates from which to choose.
Maybe it's just because she's having a bath.
(Or maybe this is just an excuse for her grandmama to post a cute picture.)
But whatever the reason, she wants you to know that every once in awhile, life is good.


NOLA radfem said...

Oh, my god! That photo is surely more pure joy than the law allows!

shadocat said...

thanks nola--i think so too!

Alpa said...

Molly is just tooo cute! I need to come hug her! I loved the other picture of her in your earlier post, so photogenic already, lol! The boys are so going to be lined up :)
Thanks for visiting, it's my first time here!

shadocat said...

Thank you, alpa! she's the light o' my life.