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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Divas!

Here's wishing all you divas (and divos) out there the Happiest of Holidays!

This is what I wish for us all in 2008:

An end to the war in Iraq, and the troops coming home.

A Democrat in the White House.

Someone wonderful to love you.

An end the the writer's strike (I miss my Daily Show/Colbert Report!)

A robust economy.

Better health for all of us!

I want to thank all of you for your commentary here---it has been a source of education, amusement, and a real blessing to me.Again, to everyone----have a wonderful Holiday!



kat said...

Happy Christmas to you, too Shado!

I hope that you don't have to deal with any of the things on your hate list today.


kat said...

whoops, misplaced comma....

Happy Christmas to you too, Shado....

Maggie Jochild said...

To use Kat's phrase (which she didn't trademark yet!), happy C-word to all of you. A lovely community, and a relief to come here, always. Plus a learning experience.

No such thing as "too Shado"!

Happy babyland to them as gots 'em.

feminista said...

At last I am here,by virtue of my nephew's succinct advice. Happy Boxing Day,mates!

feminista said...
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feminista said...

If at first you don't succeed...
Here is a link to info about Boxing Day,thanks to the ehelp of David "the nephew" Skold:


(Unfortunately, the url is too long, and so gets cut off by the post. If you highlight it from the bottom-up though, you will beable to select the whole text, including the cut-off bit.

shadocat said...

I wrote something about Boxing Day too, at http://mavieinkc.blogspot.com/

shadocat said...

tesco says I need permission to view that link---how do I do it?

Ginjoint said...

Hey yo, Merry Christmas! I wanted to say hello to everyone, and I finally have some alone time with a computer to do it. Because of the cancer, I haven't been able to keep up with this blog as I'd like to, and I really miss it. Of course what I'm saying is that I miss youse guys (that's Chicagoese for "y'all"). I've barely been able to keep up with the DTWOF blog.

I have one more treatment of the "hard" chemo, and then 12 treatments of a "milder" chemo. "Mild" as in it doesn't make one's hair fall out (yep, I'm bald now), periods stop, mouth get sore, etc. It's still poison. But what can I do? I don't trust alternative medicine to be able to cure cancer yet. Thankfully, I did get accepted into the patient assistance program for one enormously expensive drug that helps enormously with the side effects of chemo. ($350 for 3 pills! I mean, who can afford that if you don't have coverage?!)

Anyway, I don't mean to derail this thread, but I just wanted to check in. I'll make more of an effort to keep up. Peace in '08, Divas.

P.S. To Silvio: My coworkers bought me some gifts to cheer me up - one of them was a quite functional toy accordion! (They bought it as a nod to my Polish heritage.) I thought of you. Now I have to learn "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Jana C.H. said...

Busted ribs from my car crash are pretty much healed, and my Christmas present from my dad was not under the tree but out on the driveway. Take a peek:


The link is doubtless too long; I wish I could post a picture. She's a 2003 PT Cruiser, in pearlized gold, my first ever American car. Her name is Lady Angela. I had thought at first of Lady Jane, since the PT Cruiser has a formidable look, but when I saw her I realized she's a mezzo, not a contralto. Don't ask why.

Jana C.H.
Saith Floss Forbes: If you don't know the tune, sing tenor.

little gator said...

My latest houshold adventure: The Two Toilets. Our town water is very hard and mineraly. One toilet became nonfunctional and the other was almost as bad. So we had to replace both of them, including grovelling for a visit dec 24 when some sink pipe(clogged by minerals) worked loose form all the stress on the system when the plumber attempted to unclog the toilet.

Now we have to beautiful pure white toilets. top pretty to use, but we use them anyway.

And the sink pipes were diagnosed as the cause of the mystery stains on the kitchen ceiling, and that should be fixed too. The stains has slowly grown over 6 years and suddenly got worse some months ago.

ksbel6 said...

Here's too a great 2008 for everyone!

little gator said...

Suddenly I'm a toilet expert. I told my cousin-in-law the Tale of Two Toilets in email and she said her house has 3 of them but only one works, and she wanted advice on buying replacements.

silvio soprani said...

Wonderful Friends,
Happy Special Times to all, especially as we approach the NEW YEAR!

Sorry to have been so slow to jump into this discussion; I am glad to finally be here!

ginjoint--congratuations upon joining the august company of accordionists. You will find much joy, I am sure, in cranking out that exhuberant, acoustic music! I am very fond of playing a little ditty called "Ole Molly Hare" which goes like this:
Ole Molly Hare
Whatcha doing there?
Sittin' in the bathtub smokin' my cigar
Old Molly Hare
Molly shot a bear
Shot him in the eye,
and never turned a hair.

(apologies for the gruesome nature of traditional folk ditties; I guess it was different times. I myself would not shoot a bear, and if I did, I would definitely turn more than a hair.
But I might be persuaded (once) to sit in the bathtub smoking a cigar but it would be my own, not someone elses. ugh!

Shado, you are so right. We are so fortunate to have each other. I have learned so much from our mutual company (all of us.) We are all so smart and so interested in such diverse things.

Here is the text of a New Year's card I received from my red-haired (Shado take note!), Irish-American amazon friend Ellen. Apparently she works at a "letterpress shop" and her co-worker designed a beautiful card using Leonard Cohen's words:
Ring the bells that still can ring
forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything
thats how the light gets in
Don't you just love that? Words to ponder as the new year turns over.
Much love from
Silvio xxx