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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goodbye, Aunt Gertrude

My oldest living relative died yesterday. She was 105, the last relative of my grandparents' generation, and my grandfather's sister. Aunt Gertrude was doing quite well until she was 102 or so, and had been quite confused since then.


shadocat said...

my condolences, gator.

Maggie Jochild said...

What an astonishing century she experienced. She was old enough to hear firsthand about the San Francisco earthquake, the Titanic, and Amundsen/Scott reaching the South Pole. The Depression, the rise of Hitler, and the Spanish Flu epidemic were all things she lived through. Women getting the vote; automobiles completely replacing horses; telephones; and antibiotics.

I'm sorry you lost her, little gator. If you have a photo of her to share, it would be nice to see.

little gator said...

I miscounted. She was 106.

when she was about 19 she went on a plane ride. It was a minor scandal cause she didn't ask her father's permission, knowing he'd say no.

I'm guessing she was about 80 in that pic.


NOLA radfem said...

So sorry!

little gator said...

The link got messed up, but you can find her at legacy.com

Gertrude Lowry(Shea) of Rhode Island.

kat said...

My condolences, as well, Gator.
106 is formidable, though, and like Maggie said, she witnessed an incredible amount.
I hope you're doing ok.