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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Congratulations, Mary and Heather!

Follow this link for the mindbending picture of the day.


It's a wonder that Dick's head doesn't explode from the cognitive dissonance.



Maggie Jochild said...

WHY, I wonder, is this a photo of the grandparents but not the two (lesbian) parents? I mean, what an odd thing for them to release to the public.

One blog I read said that two minutes after being born, the baby said "F*** you" to the pediatric nurse, verifying his lineage.

In related news -- two gay male flamingos named Carlos and Fernando have adopted a chick. And a single female hammerhead shark, with no males in her tank for a long time, has given birth to baby sharks. Spring is bustin' out all over.

shadocat said...

Well, at least they support their daughters. Too bad they can't extend that to the rest of us.

Heather better be really nice to Mary---or try to get her to move to Mass. I hear that in Va.,same sex partners cannot adopt their partner's birth children, and have no legal rights. So if Heather and Mary ever break up, it's bye-bye baby.

shadocat said...

Oh, and before I forget---Hi Deena!

feminista said...

Well,with the help of a 20-something woman,I figured out how to get onto this here blog. Howdy to all.

If I were Mary Cheney,I'd change my name and move to Canada. And start a collective with Candace Gingrich.

Maggie Jochild said...

FEMINISTA! Hello, and Sapphic to non-Sapphic welcome!

Candace Gingrich is hot. In a way that Mary is not. But I bet Candace would be a good influence on her. Especially in a collective.

When I moved into a lesbian land collective in Durango, Colorado in 1977, I was desperate to win acceptance and tried to buy it by taking the shopping list from the refrigerator door and heading out to the nearest coop. I remember breaking into a sweat, trying to figure out which items on the shelves would be "appropriate" to purchase. When I got to "TP" on the list, I perused the toothpaste selections but that was seemed easy: Had to be Tom's of Maine. I got the spearmint, because that's what I liked.

Two days later, TP was back on the list, along with wheat-free tamari, brewer's yeast and long-grain brown rice. Back to the store. This time I got cinnamon, which I did not like but hey, I was open-minded.

The following morning, when I got up, TP was the only item on the list, written in heavy magic marker and followed by "DAMMIT!" At that point, I called an old friend in Texas who had lived in a collective. Amid her hysterics coming over the line, I could make out her saying "Toilet Paper!"


But the store had single and double ply, a variety of recycled content, and if I didn't buy in bulk (because I wasn't sure what kind they liked), would that be held against me? I bought three kinds, to cover my ass (to so speak) and hid in my basement room when everyone else got home. I did hear a stray "What's with all the TP?" and a whispered response, followed by giggles. But eventually I earned my chops.

Not literally, of course. No meat in the house. No sugar, no alcohol, no drugs, no processed foods, no men.

feminista said...

Thanks for the welcome,Maggie.

Interesting story of collective life.
The group households I lived in the 70s never had specific rules like yours did,but yours sounds like it was a cohesive group.The chief arguments as I recall were around housework and food. The housework issue never got solved completely,even when it was all women,but one large houselhold solved the food issue by having one refrigerator for vegetarians and one for non-vegetarians. That house also had great parties,someone was always there to talk to,and those who had cars would give rides to those of us,like me,who were car-less.