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Monday, May 7, 2007

Glad I'm not in Kansas anymore

Here's a link to an excellent article regarding my area's latest disaster:


Cant't say it much better than the Times.


Jana C.H. said...

Wow. You know, they say one of the effects of global warming is more "severe weather events." This looks like another one. Did the article say the storm was 100 miles across, or am I mis-remembering? That's incredible.

On a lighter note: back in the early Eighties, right after the eruption of Mount Saint Helens, I had a long-distance girlfriend in Iowa. When I went to visit her, I made a humorous comment about being in Tornado Country. She said, "I'd rather have tornados than volcanos!" My reply was that at least volcanos stay put. They don't get up and chase you around the countryside.

I still prefer volcanos. Here in the Northwest we're also overdue for a truly enormous earthquake. That means it could happen in five seconds or five hundred years.

Life on the edge!

Jana C.H.
Saith James Lawrence: Don’t give up the ship!

Maggie Jochild said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Shado. I've been reading today about how underequipped and understaffed the Kansas National Guard is, unable to adequately cope with this tragedy, because it's all been sent to Iraq. Unfortunately, the impact of Bush's war has, in most material ways (lives and resources) hit hardest at the working-class people of the red states who elected him (maybe) the last time. As usual, he craps on anybody in range except for the elite few.

This is an entire community lost. Hard to wrap my mind around, and yet it's happening at our instigation in another country every week. Not to substitute one for the other -- they're both equally wrong.

And hurricane season is about to start. I'm safe enough in Austin, except for power grid disruption, but we haven't cleaned up yet from Rita as a state. We have 5000 permanent New Orleans transplants from Katrina. Plus, one thing most of these articles are not addressing is the insurance industry -- we're very close to having entire regions lose their insurability. Like, the Gulf Coast, the tornado belt, the tectonic plate zones. When (not if, under Republican rule) that happens, all predictions are that our current economy can't withstand it.

But Bush and Co. (as well as the Moonies) have their government-protected 100,000 acre compound in Paraguay, complete with paramilitary force and its own fresh-water aquifer, to retreat to when they think It's Time. Check it out at Wonkette article about Bush hideout

shadocat said...


Last night I heard the tornado was 1.7 miles wide (still pretty wide) and it's path was over 22 miles long...another report stated that the actual storm system that was actively producing the tornados (yep, there was more than one---several little ones were spawned as well), went on for over 100 miles, so maybe that's where the 100 miles figure came from. And yes, Maggie, the National Guard Resources HAVE been severely depleted in Kansas , from soldiers being sent to Iraq, Afganistan, AND to guard the Mexican border, as well as helping build our new "Freedom Wall"down there. The govenor's office is trying to come up with a protection force comprised of volunteer law enforcement, whatever is left of the National Guard, and soldiers from Fort Riley, Ks. Ironically, the only looters that have been arrested so far 3 soldiers from Fort Riley, and 1 off-duty policeman---they were trying to steal cigarettes and liquor from a demolished store.

They said on the news this morning, that Chimpy McFlightsuit was coming to visit the area this afternoon. I say: Haven't these people suffered ENOUGH?

shadocat said...

Here's another article on the National Guard shortage:


Haven't the experts been sayinging we all may get more of these F5 tornados and Katrina-level Hurricanes due to global warming?

With the National Guard all "over there", what are we going to do over here?

Maggie, I'd love to read that Wonkette piece, but right now my only 'puter access is at work, and that site has beem deemed by IT as "Verboten!"

shadocat said...

this just in:


Can I come to Austin,or Seattle,or Baltimore, or England,or......

Jana C.H. said...

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Climate Change. This is exactly what we can expect from global warming, as scientists have been saying for decades.

I was talking the other day with someone about global warming, and she was going on about how she just didn't like how extreme people sounded about it, and how there are scientists who are not entirely sure it is caused by humans, and how China causes more pollution than we do...

Jeeze Lou-eeze! We're turning into the planet Venus and she's fussing about how extreme people sound? It's possible we have as little as eight years to turn this around. We might have had sixteen if not for a certain stolen election.

Forgive me for ranting, but the imminent demise of modern civilization does that to me.

Jana C.H.
Saith Will Cuppy: I forget exactly who Rome fell. It was probably just one of those things.

Jana C.H. said...


You're welcome to come to Seattle. Our volcanos stay put, it's been five hundred years since we've had our last 500-year earthquake, and we haven't started rationing water during the summer yet.

I have to warn you, though: housing prices are out of sight and public transportation sucks.

Occasionally one just HAS to to use the word "sucks".

Jana C.H.
Saith Stan Boreson: Who left the halibut on the poop deck?

shadocat said...

Jana; The price of housing may be out of sight, and the public transportation may suck, but if things get much worse here, I may have to move under that bridge with the troll...