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"I would also like to add that ‘Maoist Orange Cake is possibly the best name for a blog ever. Just my twopence." -- The Sixth Carnival of Radical Feminists, 1 October 2007

The Twelfth Carnival of Radical Feminists is up at The Burning Times blog and mentions one of our posts, Helen 'Wheels' Keller, for recommendation. Orangeists spreading our zest!

Friday, May 4, 2007


Aunt Soozie said...

You look so much taller in photos...you're only 4'10"?
Sounds like it was total fun!

Flaunt Floozie said...

ps...I love the quote of the week...so true and so very frustrating.

Jana C.H. said...

This post was not from Maggie but from me, Jana C.H. I forgot that I was logged in under Maggie's name when I posted it. I can't find a "Delete" button to remove the post itself, but I've removed the content and will post again under my own name.

Jana C.H.
Serious Airhead.

Jana C.H. said...

P.S. I'm the one who posted the Quotation of the Week. Glad you like it.


flaunt Floozie said...

oh....gosh...that makes more sense...
Maggie just doesn't look 4'10" in her photos and also...it would mean she hangs out with a bunch o'really short people.
Jana...funny post. I liked how you described the actors. And congrats on your royal status.

I figured you were the quote-poster.