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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since we've been dismissed as those who talk about cats and cakes, I thought, might as well. This is my current roommate, Dinah Samhain. She likes to sit on the OED over my computer, and if you look to her right you will see Ripley with a flamethrower, a small metal figure that goes with me to any reading or performance. Ripley is very reassuring. Dinah was born to a pregnant mama cat at the University of Texas who was part of Austin's feral cat rescue project. Dinah has her own e-mail and, despite English being a second language, manages to write phonetically well enough to get her emphatic points across. Her communiques are in demand. She is short-tempered and speaks at length about human oppressive attitudes. According to my godson, she also has her own indie rock band (all cats except for him) whose latest album is titled "The View from One Foot Two".


little gator said...

My travel mascot is a small plush creature named Fnordinary. He goes to every Boston Marathon and eclipse, excpet that one time I forgot him and he won't let me forget again. His other hobbies are wearing his sombrero, pretending he knows anything about Mexico, and loudly insisting he isn't a baby.

When Mr Gator travels without me I always pack Alfee the rubber gator in his luggage. In pre-9/11 days he was once challenged and asked what it was.

"it's a rubber alligator in a leather jacket" was enough to get them to back off.

What eles did they think he'd say?

A friend had sent us a "leather" jacket designed for Barbie's boyfriend. It fits him pretty well except for the excess sleeve.

Alfee worships daffodils, Oscar Wilde, and anything else defined by Alfee as exquisite.

shadocat said...

Tell Mizz Dinah she has a doppleganger in K.C. named Mizz Bridgid Moses (Although Mizz B.is a bit more full-figured than Mizz Dinah; are you familiar with the phrase "built for comfort, but not for speed"?)

Someday I'll post a picture of her, once I get this damned thing figured out...

shadocat said...

lil gator;

I'm still laughing at, "It's a rubber alligator in a leather jacket"

little gator said...

The Empress Lydia sends her greetings to all her fellow felines.

cybercita said...


great cat video on youtube!

silvio soprani said...

I am not sure how to start a new thread (or if one even should!) so I will just comment here on Liza Cowan's Pine Street Art Gallery--

I see that one of your future exhibits will be the amazing photography by Connie Imboden. She photographs the human body underwater from various perspectives. (I think she creates an entirely new dimension by offering us unexpected cross sections of what we think we see.)

I once saw a presentation by Connie in Baltimore at the Creative Alliance. (I believe she is or was local.) Just her process of photographing underwater was a discipline in itself, over and above her wonderful results.

I encourage the rest of you to explore Liza's site and look at Connie's work.


liza said...

Yeah, Connie is amazing. We met at the Maine Photographic Workshops and recognized each other from earlier days Michigan. That bonding being done, it was easier to book her for the gallery, plus she has friends in Burlington and had heard about our huge September Art Hop, which is when she'll be showing.

Thanks for the recognition.

Maggie Jochild said...

Yep, I went to Connie's site, too, because of the upcoming show at PSAW and I would love to see how she manages to create some of those images. Doesn't seem humanly possible, and yet humanity is the key ingredient there -- a great frisson of contradiction.

Cybercita, Dinah and I watched the cat video you linked to a couple of times, with the speakers on. She found it Not Right. But she is willing to accept gifts of rubber alligators in leather jackets (or leather alligators in rubber jackets).