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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

it's national poetry month!!!

the month of may is nearly here,

(and i call myself a poet)

i'll hide at home, and drink a beer

because i didn't know it...

And Now for something completely different (and better!)

A Letter From Lesbia

... So, praise the gods, Catullus is away!

And let me tend you this advice, my dear:

Take any lover that you will, or may

,Except a poet. All of them are queer.

It's just the same- a quarrel or a kissIs but a tune to play upon his pipe.

He's always hymning that or wailing this;

Myself, I much prefer the business type.

That thing he wrote, the time the sparrow died-(Oh, most unpleasant- gloomy, tedious words!)

I called it sweet, and made believe I cried;

The stupid fool! I've always hated birds....

Dorothy Parker


shadocat said...
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silvio soprani said...

Oh, most excellent Dorothy Parker!

(Being a writer herself, I guess she was on to that poet's game --everything was "but a tune to play upon his pipe.')