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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The REAL Silvio Soprani

Hello Friends. This is a picture of my beautiful accordion from which I took my handle. My father bought this for me when I was 8 years old and I have been playing it on and off ever since.

It weighs a ton, but it is sparkly and it needs no amplication. The leather wrist strap (on my left, your right) is as old as the accordion. I imagine people who ride horses feel this same affection for their "tack" (isn't that what you call all the reins and saddles and everything?)

The shoulder straps wore out in the year 1998. I went to a leather crafter to replace them, but he did not use leather of equivolent quality, so they don't have as much soul as the originals.

Shadocat, I have figured out how to post a picture, but in order to recreate the sequence I would have to exit this post, so I will post it later.


shadocat said...


that is one great lookin' accordian! i played one too, as a child but never kept it up, which i regret (sigh).

Thank you for thie picture-posting lesson; now if i could just learn to spell...

little gator said...

Mama's got a squeeze box she wears on her chest, and when Daddy comes home he never gets no rest, cause she's playing all night, and the music's all right. Mama's got a squeeze box, daddy never sleeps at night.

little gator said...

I forgot to want you-I'm an incurable song lyric quoter.

Oh, Oh what I want to know, how does the song go?

Maggie Jochild said...

Little gator! I testify to that!

And here's to tack as well.

We have an annual accordion-players gathering here in Austin each year -- members of the extensive German and Czech communities nearby, zydeco from our sister Louisianas, and Tejano, yeehah. Music to restart yer heart.

little gator said...

I forgot to warn you, not to want you. I'll want you when I have surly hair.

I have valid medical reasons for my bad typing, but no excuse for sloppy proofreading.

Silvio, you have now replaced Weird Al as the person accordions make me think of.

silvio soprani said...

Little Gator,

Whoa! Replaced Weird Al? Cowabunga!

(Must live up to this...better start practicing!)