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Sunday, April 29, 2007


How many cards in a full deck?
How many weeks in a full year?
How many years in a full life?


Top Ten Things We Love About Shadocat:
10. Dinah thinks she has the COOLEST HANDLE evah.
9. She's not afraid to publicly show her emotions.
8. She's not afraid to publicly apologize. (See #9.)
7. She has red hair.
6. She reads. All the time, anything she can get her hands on. Takes it in, makes connections, says what she thinks. A writer couldn't ask for more.
5. She writes. All the time, in one form or another, really well and improving her craft all the time. Remember her name -- well, when you know her real name.
4. She is a really, really good mother.
3. She's played for both teams, and she chose MINE. (Gimme a D -- Gimme a Y -- Gimme a K -- ) (Okay, I know some of ya'll would argue this one the other way.)
2. She is holding down an outpost of love and clarity in the so-called "flyover states".
1. Still Ain't Satisfied!


shadocat said...

Oh my goodness! (blushing)

Thank you!

silvio soprani said...

[apologies to RENT...]
27,331,200 minutes--
Seasons of LOVE...

Happy Birthday, SHADO!!!
If you were a racehorse, you would leave Seabiscuit in the dust (in terms of HEART)
If you were a strawberry, all your friends would be licking their lips delightedly
If you were a perfume, you would be a lilac or maybe a wisteria (delicately purple and very fragrant)

I want to know whether Maggie made that cake in your honor (I could not read the 2nd line between "happy" and "birthday," and if so, does that mean she ATE it in your honor too? What a stalwart friend!

Have a Most Happy Birthday--you are a true pal.

little gator said...

Happy birthday!

In honor of the occasion I baked some of the 50 cupcakes for my 50th. I hope they come ok after beign frozen.

cybercita said...

happy happy birthday shadocat!



Jana C.H. said...

Shado, you're just a baby! Why, it's been MONTHS since I was fifty-two!

Jana C.H.
Saith Floss Forbes: If you don't know the tune, sing tenor.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shadocat!
Wow...some serious testimonials going on here...you are blushing aren't you? Still wondering what Maggie means about the sides your choosing..hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

oh, that was from me Shadocat...
Aunt Soozie, not anonymouse at all.

shadocat said...

Once again, thank you everyone!


PS:Aunt Soozie; thank you for coming to our party!!!!

Aunt Soozie said...

You're quite welcome...thanks for the invite and the cakes...yummah-yummah!

Aunt Soozie said...

Hi Dear Divas.
Today I received a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission...didn't take them too long to respond. They said they were forwarding my discrimination complaint onto the State Division of Civil Rights.
So, say a little prayer for justice tonight or chant to the goddess of your choice or cross your fingers...or think positive thoughts.