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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Fremont Troll

In the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, under the Aurora Avenue North bridge, is a large sculpture of a troll. He has one hubcap eye, and in his hand he grips a full-size Volkswagon beetle. This is his song.

lyrics copyright by Jana C. Hollingsworth
Tune: "My Grandfather's Clock" (slightly modified)

When you take a drive down Highway 99,
Beware when you come to the bridge.
Somewhere between Lake Union and the brine,
Somewhere beyond Phinney Ridge--
Beware! Beware! The Fremont Troll!
Underneath Aurora North you'll find his trollish hole.
He keeps an eye on traffic better than the State Patrol.
The Fre Mont Troll.

Peugeots, he reports, taste singularly fine,
And Volkswagon bugs make his day.
On Honda Accords he'll regularly dine,
And sometimes a rare Chevrolet.
Beware! Beware! The Fremont Troll!
Every auto moving he regards as rightful toll.
No race or nationality escapes his breakfast bowl.
The Fre Mont Troll.

Do not be too harsh upon a simple soul
Who noshes on Hyundai and Saab.
He's doing his part our traffic to control,
And doing a wonderful job.
Three cheers! Three cheers! The Fremont Troll!
The city of Seattle should commend him on the whole.
Eliminating gridlock is his amiable goal.
The Fre Mont Troll.
The Fre (clap clap) Mont (clap clap) Troll. (clap - clap)


Jana C.H. said...

Yikes! The link didn't post. Here it is:


Jana C.H.
Saith JcH: It's called light verse because all the heavy work is done by the poet.

shadocat said...

Jana--I loved your poem/song---wish I could hear the music! I looked at that link, and that is a PHENOMENAL statue! I am constatly inspired by the creativity of some people--and the crushed VW--my first car was a little black bug; I can just see a troll like that squashing my little car...Now I have 3 more reasons to visit Seattle someday; the troll, "Trollaween", and that Lenin statue...

PS--e-mail me if you have time @shadocat55@yahoo.com--have a question for you

silvio soprani said...


I like him! (and your song!)

Maggie Jochild said...

Omigod! The answer to one of life's big questions just got answered for me: The Fremont Troll is the figure seen at the very end of the YouTube phenomenon (over 6.5 million views so far) known as "Where In The Hell Is Matt Harding?" (located at

Where In The Hell Is Matt?

This video's song buried itself in my unconscious last June, appearing in every dream and haunting my daylight hours, until I finally tracked it down and bought the CD. AND -- the dreams that ensued are what caused me to begin my "Ginny Bates" novel. Which is set in Seattle.

Here's the deal: I began having my "magic dreams" the week of my little brother Bill's yartzeit. He was appearing in my dreams, as well as Ginny Bates (the fictional character who is not fictional to me). Turns out, the song on Matt's video is a very old woman from the Solomon Islands singing one of the ancient mythic songs from her culture that is an older sister talking to her little brother about the nature of death. When I found that out, I knew Bill was communicating with me.

little gator said...
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Jana C.H. said...

Matt Harding's video was great! Especially the place (Africa?) where the kids were dancing along with him. He must have had so much fun going to all those places to dance. I wish I'd thought of it.

I strongly suspect Matt Harding lives in Seattle, probably in Fremont. An out-of-towner would have picked the Space Needle or the Pike Place Market for a background, or best of all, a Washington State Ferry with the city skyline in the background. You have to be a local person to pick the Fremont Troll. Also, he saved Seattle for last, and spent more time there than elsewhere. He had danced around the world and was now dancing back home.

I used to live in (technically) Fremont, though everyone in the area considered it Ballard. It was right on the border. I now live in the heart of beautiful Ballard.

Ballard not as funky as Fremont (which is the Center of the Universe), but it has its own special weirdnesses. The main one is that it still shows many signs of having been founded by Norwegians. Along with the Leif Erickson Hall, the Nordic Heritage Museum, and a parade every May 17 (Norwegian Constitution Day), Ballard is a sister city of Bergen in Norway. Okay, officially Seattle is the sister city, but when the King of Norway came to Seattle way-back-when, he came to BALLARD.

Here are some Ballard links. I'll compile some Fremont links later.

And special for Silvio Soprani:

You probably won't be hearing from me til Monday. I still can't log on to this site from my Mac at home. There's always e-mail!

Jana C.H.
Saith Stan Boreson: Who hid the halibut on the poop deck?

aunt soozie said...

hey fabulous ladies!
I wasn't familiar with the troll or Matt. Just went and checked both of them out. Wowzah.
interesting dudes.
nice homage Jana.
Nice to commune with y'all here...
now I better go get some rest.
It's awfully late here in New Jersey.

It was a crazy week for Auntie.
Monday I mailed my 46 page report to the EEOC. Long story, not for this public a venue but...
someday soon...I'll be rising, I'll be strong.
(that's from a cheryl wheeler song)
I'm on my mac right now so let's see if this works...here it goes...